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Corazon de Tucson Cafecito & Pop-up

We invited the community to join us for Cafecito & a panel discussion on Gentrification & the community of South Tucson.

We also had two boutiques pop up for people to shop: Mi Vida from Highland Park in Los Angeles who's lifestyle & apparel brand is inspired by nuestra Vida, Art y Cultura! Noelle Reyes, owner of Mi Vida has lived through gentrification in her barrio of Highland Park and joined our panel members to give insight of what she experienced.

Mi Reina Mobile Boutique is a Tucson treasure where you can find something that will make you feel like a queen! Selena Barajas, owner of Mi Reina is a Tucson native who also sat on our panel to share her perspective and concerns of gentrification in our communities.

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