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We celebrate Chicanx culture, uplift artists, and create a safe space.

Galeria Mitotera is a Latinx/Queer owned gallery located in the City of South Tucson, Arizona. Co-Owners, Mel Dominguez & Melissa Brown-Dominguez opened Galeria Mitotera in July 2018 as a space to celebrate their culture, uplift artists of color in the community and create a safe space for community members and artist to inspire one another through art and togetherness.


Meet the Mel's.

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Mel "Melo" Dominguez

Mel “Melo” Dominguez is an artist, muralist from Los Angeles who has lived in Tucson since 2007. Mel’s community outreach began at Self Help Graphics & Art in East Los Angeles where he was a Getty intern. Mel was the Summer Youth Coordinator that headed the community mural project with the youth from the neighborhood. Mel’s artwork is a direct expression of his Chicano/a culture, political issues, social issues and environmental issues. Mel enjoys using creativity and activism to create a difference throughout the Tucson community.

Melissa Brown-Dominguez

Melissa Brown-Dominguez is the arts administrator at Galería Mitotera who coordinates, manages and supports all of the events and classes with a creative and welcoming spirit. Together, Mel & Melissa enjoy bringing community together through art!

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